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Published 18 May 2012

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Goodwood Action Sports Athletes Aim High with the Goodwood Go-Solo Challenge

As well as performing at this year’s Festival of Speed (28 June – 1 July), a trio of Goodwood’s GAS (Goodwood Action Sports) ambassadors will take to the West Sussex skies this summer. 

Internationally renowned 12-time World Champion motorcycle trials rider Dougie Lampkin, world famous mountain bike rider Martyn Ashton and undisputed World Champion of BMX dirt jumping Kye Forte have all signed up to participate in Goodwood’s new ‘Go-Solo’ flying course. The professional thrill seekers and GAS stars will be taking up the Go-Solo challenge over the next few months.

The Go-Solo course

The Go-Solo course has recently been launched by the long-established Goodwood Flying School and will follow the structure of the private pilot’s licence (PPL) course; beginning with teaching basic aircraft controls both on the ground with Goodwood’s own Frasca C172 flight simulator, and in flight in as well. After they have mastered the basics of control in one of Goodwood’s new Cessna aircraft, the GAS athletes will then go all-out as they progress to achieve level flight, climbing, descending and turning before practicing their take-offs and landings, and finally achieving their first solo flight.

Goodwood’s Aviation General Manager Rob Wildeboer says: “We wanted to illustrate just how accessible flying can be; 15 hours or less and you can go solo, a significant step towards achieving a PPL.”

Following his first flight, Martyn Ashton said: "What an amazing experience it was. I couldn't believe how strange it felt to be handling the controls but I felt pretty confidant with Nick our instructor close by. After the first flight I was quite chilled and excited; that is until I had to get in the back whilst Dougie took the controls...  It's one thing to control the plane for the first time, it's quite another to sit in the back whilst someone else controls the plane for the first time! Haha. Great fun though and can't wait to get my next lesson booked in."

Dougie Lampkin adds: "Having just announced my retirement from the FIM Trial World Championship, it is a great moment for a new challenge. I have always wanted to learn to fly, but it was always difficult to find time in and amongst my competition schedule. So I can't thank Goodwood enough for giving me this opportunity. I always thought I was going to enjoy the experience of my first flying lesson, but it was even better than I ever imagined. It was simply amazing, and I don't get excited by too many things nowadays.  Having the chance to take hold of the controls was awesome, and something I can't wait to do again. I could carry on talking about it for hours, but I think I can sum the whole thing up by saying that I absolutely loved it and can't wait for my next lesson."

The GAS athletes Go-Solo progress can be monitored on-line at| and all three can be seen performing their amazing mid-air stunts on two wheels in the GAS Arena during this year’s Festival of Speed.

GAS Urban Area

GAS is an urban-inspired area with a Goodwood twist, consisting of more than 20 top athletes performing live on obstacles, jumps, rails and ramps, using FMX, BMX, MTB trials, motorcycle trials and mini bikes.  With a mix of World Champions and action sports legends performing what could only be described as purely insane mid-air tricks, GAS has truly made its mark and stamped its claim as the best show entertainment zone the UK has produced.

For more information on the ‘Go-Solo’ course call the Goodwood Flying School on +44(0)1243755066.

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