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Junior Golf Membership

"...I’m also excited by their ambitions for the development of their junior golf programme and hope to be a part of their plans for many years to come.”                               

Justin Rose

Junior Golf At Goodwood is all about having lots of fun, enjoying the sport, and being the best that you can be! We place a great emphasis on juniors and supporting them in every way we can; from complete beginners who have never played before, through into club membership where there is a chance to get involved in our many competitions, and even to volunteer to help inspire others getting into the game.

To achieve all this, we have:

...a structured junior coaching programme

This will provide the key skills needed to play the game from the age of 4 upwards and is appropriate for every level of junior, boys and girls. There are fun group sessions, individual coaching opportunities and structured programmes so everyone knows how to get involved.

...different types of membership, to suit your level

Membership options are simple, and it is up to you what you want to do. For beginner boys and girls, whatever your age, we have the Junior Academy. This ties into the coaching programme, and it is designed to get you playing, achieve your first handicap and play in some of the junior events. Full junior membership allows you to do lots more, playing in all competitions, and accessing the course at all times.. Juniors will automatically transfer to full membership categories beyond the age of 18. handicaps – for every level of player

For golf, every player is allocated a number of shots (handicap) that allows them to compete against every other golfer. Handicaps start from 54 shots, and it’s a really simple system. Getting your first handicap is a big step in golf, and at Goodwood, we’ve made it really easy to do with the support of our coaching team.

...a great selection of competitions, all year round

At Goodwood we have lots of different competition opportunities, from being the best putter right through to being the Club Champion – and everything in between. Some of our competitions you can even play in without a handicap. All junior competitions can be entered by girls and boys.

...a safeguarding and protecting children policy to keep everyone safe

The welfare of the juniors that come to Goodwood, whether members or non-members, is our primary concern. We have in place a comprehensive Safeguarding Policy, and we ensure this is maintained at all times.

The junior section at Goodwood is ever growing, and of that, we are very proud. We look forward to welcoming you to our club very soon! 


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