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Golf Tuition Packages


Craig & Steve

£ 160.00

£ 140.00

47 Credits

42 Credits

Scoring package  

The quickest way to lower scores is to improve the short game.

A package comprising of 4 lessons concentrating on the 4 elements which make up the short game: chipping, pitching, putting and bunker shots.


Craig & Steve

£ 225.00

£ 200.00

65 Credits

60 Credits

Swing Improver  

Fine tune your swing for the upcoming season with this package. Increase power, accuracy and consistency.

A package comprising of 6 lessons to help you fine tune your swing and iron out those faults which cause you heartache. 


Craig & Steve

£ 345.00

£ 290.00

95 Credits

80 Credits

Complete Game Improvement 

 A 9 hole evaluation of your game will then allow us to improve the areas which will lower your scores and increase your enjoyment of the game.
Course management and shot selection are some of the many areas which we do not see on the driving range.

The 6 lessons will be targeted at the areas which will improve your game.

To purchase  or tailor a package please call The Kennels on 01243 755133.