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About the land

Goodwood’s Home Farm is situated close to Goodwood House and just to the north of Chichester and its coastal plain.  Nestling at the base of the Sussex Downs, the soil is mainly free draining chalk which is ideal for spring, malting barley and for the grazing of sheep and beef.  The soil on the coastal plain is silty gravel and is best suited to the grass which is grazed by the dairy herd. 

The main purpose of our arable acreage is to provide the animals with organically grown cereals to balance home grown forages, fed during the winter months.  We also grow malting barley which is used by a local, artisan brewer to produce Goodwood’s own Organic Lager and Ale.

Our crops are grown in rotation, a traditional system which helps to prevent disease and maximises the soil’s natural nutrients.  Farmyard manures, slurry and the pigs add nitrogen and organic matter to further encourage the best possible organic crop yields.

Crops grown include wheat, barley, oats, beans and vetches which are harvested and fed during the winter months.  The red and white clovers are sown to provide forage and grazing whilst fixing atmospheric nitrogen.

The downland is in ESA (Environmental Stewardship Agreement) to allow us to look after the downs in the traditional way, to maintain and encourage the growth of indigenous species of grasses, flowers and herbs thus keeping the habitat to enable the chalkland wildlife to thrive.