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Racehorses Exercising by George Stubbs

House Opening times for 2014

Goodwood House is open from 1-5pm most Sundays and Mondays from 16 March – 13 October. From 4 - 28 August, it is open for five days a week (Sundays to Thursdays) so this is a good time to visit West Sussex. Goodwood reserves the right to alter the opening dates and times without prior notice. Please always check Recorded Information on 01243 755040.

Occasional Closures

The House is not open to the public on the following known dates: 

  • 30 March
  • 22, 23, 29, 30 June
  • 13 July, 27, 29-31 July
  • 1-2, 10, 24 August
  • 14, 15 September

* Sunday 3rd August – the House is open to the public however please note we also have the GRRC Annual Vehicle day taking place so the House and grounds will be very busy. There will be a limited number of teas and house admissions available on that day.

Occasionally, the Trustees have to add extra dates for closures, so if you are travelling from a distance, always check with Recorded Information on 01243 755040 before your visit to West Sussex.

Summer Exhibition

The annual summer exhibition runs from 4 August to 13 October. Viewing is by guided tours on open days until 4 August and then stewarded until 13 October.

Afternoon cream tea must be pre-booked by emailing| or telephone 01243 775537.

For further information please contact 01243 755012 *

* The Curators Assistant's office is open from Monday – Thursday.

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