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We know that committing to a regular routine in the gym can seem like an uphill struggle.  Motivating yourself to follow your workout is half the battle but you will need little incentive to come to our gym as its superb range of Cybex fitted weight machines, and 19 pieces of cardio equipment help you follow your own personalised exercise regime with the minimum fuss and stress.


The recently installed Precor Cardio kit is proving to be very much part of our members success stories. Ergonomically designed the equipment makes working out easy on the joints and the user friendly touch screen entertainment units ensure that you enjoy every minute. The Preva software allows you as members and guests to create and personalize your workouts, set goals, monitor your progress and achieve recognition for reaching targets. The software can be accessed via your PC at home or on your iphone, as well as through each gym console, so that you can not only include your gym workout but your swim or class as well to contribute to your lifestyle app.

Qualified instructors

Our on hand friendly instructors will encourage you and answer your questions as you go along.  After they’ve carried out your initial induction, the fully qualified instructors will work out a totally tailor made exercise plan for you, and they’ll update it as your fitness levels rise.

Creature comforts

And, if you find exercise frankly pretty boring, each of our cardio machines have their own iPod docking station and individual embedded TV access to Sky Sports and music channels.

Our fixed weight machines help build up your muscle tone and we also have free weights and a stretch area.  You might like to enter into our monthly gym challenge to see how you’re measuring up and, if you really want to fast track to fitness, you can hire one of our personal trainers to make sure you stay on track.

Finally, the gym is kept at a permanently air conditioned comfortable temperature, perfect for working out in.

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