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Published 29 July 2011

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Goodwood Ladies' Race


The Goodwood Ladies' Race supported by Audi 

  • 1)   HARRODIAN HOTSHOT Edie Campbell
  • 2)   ROYAL STAR Emma Spencer 
  • 3)   LADY’S LOST CAUSE Laura Bechtolsheimer 
  • 4)   CASA GOODBA Daisy Trayford 
  • 5)   BLACK MAGIC Francesca Cumani 
  • 6)   ALWAYS DELIVERING Dido Harding 
  • 7)   GOODWOOD TREASURE Delfina Figueras 
  • 8)   THREE CROWNS Annette Lynton Mason 
  • 9)   RIDGEWAY ROCKET Sara Cox 
  • 10)   JUNGLE BAY Kate Reardon 
  • 11)   THE BEAUTY & THE BOOKIE Clare Milford-Haven 

Winner owned by George Baker & Partners
Trained by George Baker
Sponsored by Marsh Ltd 
Winning silks designed by Jasmine Guinness


Event rider and supermodel Edie Campbell, 20, who lives in London and keeps her horses in Warwickshire, won the first-running of Audi’s Magnolia Cup, a charity race in aid of Great Ormond Street. 

Campbell partnered Harrodian Hotshot, who is better-known as George Baker, a useful handicapper trained in Hampshire by George Baker. Harrodian Hotshot won by three and a half lengths from the fast finishing Emma Spencer-ridden Royal Star, with Lady’s Lost Cause, the mount of international dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer, a head away third of the 11 runners.

Following the six-furlongs dash, an excited Campbell said: “It’s an amazing feeling, and so surreal I really don’t know how to feel - it was so much fun - the best fun I have ever had. 

“I ride in events, but just as a hobby, and have never ridden in a race, other than racing against my friends when we were children on ponies. I didn’t think of winning until I had crossed the line. I went clear but started getting really tired, then thought, ‘come on, push on’. 

“He’s an amazing horse, he’s wicked, and so kind. I don’t think he’ll make an eventer - he hasn’t got a very good trot.” 

George Baker, the trainer added: “Edie is a star - I take my hat off to her. She has been with us for a fortnight, riding out every morning, and taking it very seriously. This horse is becoming a bit of a legend.” 

Runner-up Emma Spencer, a presenter on Channel 4 Racing, rode Royal Star for trainer Jane Chapple-Hyam. Spencer said: “It was great fun. I’m tired and glad it’s over. I want to get back to my day job. My horse is such a nice ride and I was never too far away from the pace, but I was never, ever going to get near the winner. I’m knackered.” 

Laura Bechtolsheimer said: “That was awesome fun - I want to do it again now. It felt quick and it was over too fast. Everyone had warned me they would start fast so I grabbed hold of the neck strap and went for it. I didn’t get a very good position, and the coach, I mean the trainer [Richard Fahey], said get on the rail, but we were lined up in the middle of the field. I feel I’ve let the horse down a bit, but I want to do it again.” 


Daisy Trayford, who partnered fourth Casa Goodba, said: “I really, really enjoyed that, it was such a thrill. I have to say a big thanks to all of the trainers because it must have been difficult to source all the horses. It was a fantastic opportunity and great to be involved.” 

Delfina Figueras, partner of seventh Goodwood Treasure, said: “I enjoyed it enormously, it was beyond my expectations but I have no legs left - not since the third furlong. I got off the horse and went straight to the floor. I would love to have another go. I am coming back for sure.” 

Kate Reardon, 10th on Jungle Bay, said: “I’m alive - the best feeling in the world is that I never ever have to do that again - but it was brilliant! 

“I think I may have just destroyed one horse’s reputation but the Baldings have been very, very generous and I am extremely grateful. It is a proper once in a life time opportunity.”

Dido Harding, jockey of the sixth Always Delivering, said: “It was brilliant, but I was kicking for five of the six furlongs so I am bright red. What an absolute privilege to race flat out down Goodwood’s straight with everyone laughing at you.” 

Sara Cox, rider of ninth Ridgeway Rocket, said: “I’ve been very nervous. I’ve not been sleeping well for the last two nights - more excitement than anything else. I can’t thank John Hills enough for letting me ride the horse because he is gorgeous. He is used to further distances so he didn’t really want to stop, so when we stoped after six furlongs he was a bit confused and wanted to keep going. Maybe next time I will ride him for a mile.” 

Francesca Cumani piloted the fifth Black Magic and commented: “That was brilliant, a really great experience. I had a nice ride and the track felt lovely. It’s great to be involved in this and a privilege on such a big stage.” 

Claire Milford-Haven, rider of 11th-placed  The Beauty And The Bookie, said: “We had a bit of trouble starting - she didn’t want to jump off -so we lost quite a few lengths at the start. I really enjoyed it though and had a great time. I felt safe all the way and it felt good. She is a lovely mare.” 

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