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A Unique Chance To Take Part

Few can fail to be stirred by the sight of gleaming thoroughbreds dashing towards the finishing post, the vivid colours of the jockeys’ silks, a bright splash against the emerald turf, and the sound of thundering hooves as the winners play out the thrilling climax of another great race.

GROG at Glorious Goodwood 2013

A day at the races holds many delights; great sport and a wonderful chance to meet with friends. But did you know that Goodwood offers you the chance to get even closer to this favourite sporting pastime? By joining a group of like-minded people you can share all the many highs and occasional lows of racehorse ownership.

“We established the Goodwood Racehorse Owners’ Group in 1994 and as a joint owner of each of the Goodwood racehorses since then, I can say that we have had many exciting times over those years, with no fewer than eleven young horses carrying the historic red and yellow Goodwood livery to victory.”

~ The Duke of Richmond and Gordon

Other benefits of GROG:

  • Racehorse ownership for everyone.
  • The Goodwood Racehorse Owners Group offers a new scheme annually, providing the perfect gift for the racing enthusiast.
  • A one off payment buys you a share in a horse for two years with all expenses and fees included. Members receive their share of the prize money and any resale value of the horse.
  • Our horses are all trained by top trainer William Knight giving us the best possible chance of success.
  • The syndicates offer involvement, entertainment and education in the ‘Sport of Kings’.
  • Become a Member

  • A maximum of 200 shares are offered in each horse. You will receive monthly newsletters, have use of a non-premium telephone information line service.
  • Goodwood is committed to offering excellence combined with style. Members of our syndicates benefit from this commitment.
  • Members can also benefit from racing themed social events staged at Goodwood, and optional events across Europe and around the globe.
  • New Members are in safe hands. We are a well established syndicate formed in 1994.

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