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The online Media Library is the place to access all Goodwood press releases, imagery and videos. Keep up-to-speed with all the very latest news of the season by viewing or downloading our press information as soon as it's released!

To speak to a member of the Goodwood Press Office please call 01243 755024 for Horseracing enquiries, 01243 755109 for Motor Sport enquiries and 01243 755100 for all other queries.

Event accreditation

If you would like to apply for event accreditation please login to, or create, your Media account HERE |and fill in the accreditation section and a member of the Goodwood Press Team will be in touch to provide access details. Alternatively please call Goodwood Press Office on 01243 755109 for Motor Sport and 01243 755024 for Horseracing.

All TV and film applications will be subject to the payment of location fees, broadcast right fees and are subject to the normal broadcast licences for UK and/or overseas broadcast.