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period vehicles

Throughout the weekend, no vehicle built after 1966 is allowed into the circuit, and the site is serviced by more than 200 pre-1966 vehicles.  Everything from the post van to the plumber's pick-up and catering trucks is a museum piece.  Competitors use classic saloons, vans and trucks as support vehicles, while a team of ex-army Jeeps is on hand to whisk mechanics back and forth to their modern trucks waiting outside. 


Similarly, a fleet of classic vehicles
provide a shuttle service for VIP guests, and classic tractors tow passenger-carrying trailers taking visitors to the prime viewing locations. A nostalgic trip in a Beardmore taxi or a Fordson tractor is one of the weekend's highlights.

You can buy ice cream from genuine 1950s ice cream vans, or bacon baps from an authentic ex-army NAAFI wagon.

Aged ambulances and fire engines are on display (although modern alternatives are hiding in the wings to take over if needed), and in use on the track are high-performance museum-piece course cars and period recovery trucks. 

Goodwood Revival

12 - 14 September 2014