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Published 07 September 2012

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Join the ‘DAN GURNEY FOR PRESIDENT’ Campaign at 2012 Revival

The American motor racing legend Dan Gurney was the subject of Goodwood’s annual driver tribute at the 2012 Goodwood Revival (14-16 September), coinciding with the 50th anniversary of his maiden Grand Prix victory. 

A daily track parade included a variety of his most famous cars to honour the life and achievements of this incredible man, who achieved success as both a driver and team owner. 

Two dozen cars directly associated with Gurney’s racing career paraded the Goodwood motor circuit each day, with the main tribute taking place on Revival Sunday, 16 September. These competition machines included examples of his celebrated Eagle grand prix and Indy racers, as well as Ferraris, Porsches, McLarens, Ford GTs and Cobras campaigned by the great man himself. At 1:20pm on Sunday 16th, Goodwood staged a spectacular tribute to Dan Gurney, full of the fanfare and theatre an all-American hero deserves! 

Goodwood also lead a ‘Dan Gurney for President’ campaign with tongue planted firmly in cheek. This recalled the 1964 campaign that took place in the USA - instigated by Car and Driver magazine in its May 1964 edition - seeing this influential American motoring publication issuing bumper stickers to support this activity.  Disenchanted with the 1964 US presidential election, the magazine decided to mount its own campaign for Gurney which really took off, with the ‘Dan Gurney for President’ bumper stickers appearing all over the Unites States at the time.

Goodwood ran its own campaign for this popular driver, including huge banners mounted on the pedestrian bridge crossing into the motor circuit from the Over The Road attractions and Revival Car Show.  Goodwood Actors Guild (GAG) actors and charity volunteers also roamed the Revival site encouraging visitors to support our campaign by buying a pin badge or bumper sticker, with a £1 donation to charity for each. 

The Fly Navy Heritage Trust was the official charity of the 2012 Goodwood Revival, a Naval charity formed in 1991 to promote the endeavour, ethos and spirit of naval aviation and to keep the Royal Navy’s iconic historic aircraft fleet flying, including the Swordfish and Sea Fury aircraft that appeared at this year’s event. 

To ensure the survival of its iconic fleet, the Fly Navy Heritage Trust strives to raise £700,000 a year, every year.  Over the next five years the charity hopes to raise a £10 million endowment to secure the long term future of the Royal Navy Historic Flight and add other notable naval aircraft such as a Sopwith Pup, the 1930s Hawker Nimrod and the WW2 Fairey Firefly, to create a vibrant shop window of Naval flying and keep the history of naval aviation alive for generations to come.

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