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Published 16 September 2012

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St Mary’s Trophy

Goodwood Revival 2012

The never knowingly undramatic Grant Williams won the second installment of the St Mary’s Trophy saloon car thrash. As the flag dropped, all eyes were on the Welsh tyre dealer whose Jaguar Mk1 finished two laps down yesterday when driven by Derek Bell. In third, and providing plenty of entertainment, was Richard Shaw in his 550kg, twin-cylinder BMW 700, a spin at Madgwick on the second lap resulting in nothing more than plenty of tyre smoke. This incident allowed Williams to escape up the road as Justin Law – sharing the Jaguar in which Anthony Reid finished second yesterday – was forced to take avoiding action.

The safety car was deployed shortly thereafter to retrieve a stricken tail-ender. There were just seven minutes left to run of the scheduled 25 by the time the safety car returned to the pits. It was left to Williams to slide his way to victory ahead of Law who, along with Reid, won outright on aggregate. Shaw, meanwhile, pulled off some remarkable overtakes before spinning at St Mary’s after tapping a backmarker. The Austin A40 driven by Aston Martin specialist Desmond Smail - which won on Saturday in the hands of Rob Huff - was third on the road and second overall on aggregate despite having a flat tyre.

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