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Published 15 September 2011

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Kenwood at Revival

Kenwood discover Britain’s lost cuisine

A day at Goodwood Revival will offer a vast array of exquisite motor vehicles to feast your eyes on, for those wanting to explore the era as much (or more) than the vehicles, Kenwood is inviting you to take a step back in time to the 1940s and discover Britain’s lost cuisine. The Kenwood Kitchen Theatre will take you back to the era where meals from a budget were the order of the day, and ‘Corned Beef Hash’ was an all too familiar dish on many tables across Britain.  For those wanting a slightly more glamorous experience of the 1940s, Kenwood will be offering up the original ‘Stay Beautiful’ recipes, described in our Chef cookbooks as ‘Juices for Health and Good Looks’, teamed with classic recipes for Kenwood ‘Tea- time treats, or the 4 o’clock Favourite’. The Kenwood experience doesn’t stop here, after an insight into 1940s cuisine; Kenwood will give you the opportunity to fast forward in time to the 1960s where ‘Quick Party Food’ recipes ruled. A vast array of ‘tid-bits’ will be created, sampling everything from ‘Ham Roll Ups’ to ‘Cheese Rods’. 

The Kenwood Kitchen Theatre

Heading up The Kenwood Kitchen Theatre will be Kenwood’s very own Kenwood Development Chef, Martin Johns. Joining Martins Johns will be a selection of special Chef Guests including Martin Blunos, John Quilter and Ben Ebbrell. Martin Blunos, holding 2 Michelin Stars for over 15 years, has an established Chef career; you may recognise him from appearances on BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen, or have caught him during the coverage of the Queen’s Jubilee when Martin was enlisted for his culinary creations. Bringing a slightly different feel to the Kenwood Kitchen Theatre, John Quilter will be offering up a contemporary edge to cooking. John is the brains behind the award winning Michelin listed ‘Marmalade’ restaurant in Manchester, with aims to make food accessible to a new generation John has been described as a Chef who ‘champions Britishness’ (Celebrity Chefs UK), a characteristic perfect for Kenwood at Goodwood Revival. The Kenwood Kitchen Theatre’s final Chef Guest is Ben Ebbrell. Ben is the Chef behind the recent food venture SORTED, offering the public simple, yet sophisticated answers to home cooking. The SORTED venture has not only become a YouTube phenomenon is its own right, the crew have published books two books; A Rookie’s Guide to Crackin’ Cooking and ‘A Recipe for Student Survival’, not bad going from an idea originating from scribbling on a beer mat! With such an eclectic mix of British talent at The Kenwoood Kitchen Theatre, there is bound to be a demonstration suited for every generation.

As the Kenwood Kitchen Theatre looks set to revive our cooking creativity, demonstrations are regularly planned throughout the weekend; there is a pre-booking system, so be sure to secure your place prior to the event. For those of us who are lucky enough to experience the explorations into past cuisine, we may even find ourselves bringing a piece of the 1940s or 60s into our own kitchens when we return home.

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