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Best Dressed At the Revival

A top team of fashion experts will be on the lookout for the most stylish vintage ladies and dapper gents over the Goodwood Revival. Our Best Dressed Man and Lady Awards will see the most stylish ladies and gents selected by a panel of judges and the winners will take home some exciting prizes.

Take a look at the best dressed competition Judges:


Nick Clements

Fashion photographer and creator of Men's File and Men's File Archive, Nick has been involved in the Revival style scene since the late 1970s. Clements' expertise cover the full gamut of vintage style and includes all elements of fashion associated with period cars, bikes and bicycles. It was Clements, in the role of Editor,  who partnered Dan Black in the creation of the Goodwood Style Guide.


Matt Hind

Renowned fashion photographer, Matt Hind is one of the main contributors to mid-century style journal Men's File.

Mr Hind is the principle photographer covering the Best Dressed event. Not many organisations can boast a current Vogue photographer as part of their team but, as usual, Goodwood is the exception.


Deborah Woolf

Deborah Woolf is proprietor of London's, Deborah Woolf Vintage Fashion & Collectables, a store for serious collectors and lovers of mid-centuray clothing and accessories. Deborah has been hunting down the very best in vintage styles for more years than she cares to remember.


William Campbell

William Campbell is an artisan who makes with his hands and loves hand-made things himself. A collector of post-war English tailoring and associated clothing, he is everything a dashing Revivalist should be. William will accompany Deborah Woolf as they review participants at the Revival.


Sarah Bradley

A motoring journalist and real-life leather-girl, Sarah is a prime mover in the British Rocker Revival scene and has a large stable of motorcycles and cars that include American hot rods and fast British twins. There are few in this country more qualified to judge the Best Dressed Competition at the Goodwood Revival.


Annika Caswell

A leading light in the very high-end of London bespoke tailoring, Ms Caswell is the coat-maker at Timothy Everest and can literally make you anything out of fine cloth. More importantly, Annika has a vast 1940s wardrobe and is never 'out of character' as a bright young thing of the pre and post war periods.


Pandora Harrison

Also, known as Miss Pandora Pitstop, this Goodwood regular is one of England's most important arbiters of Revival style for women. Seldom out of period dress, Pandora alternates her transport between a 1950s Royal Enfield motorbike and bicycle from the same manufacturer. Familiar with both automotive and fashion history, Ms Pitstop is the perfect choice to judge the Best Dressed competition at the Revival.

Goodwood Revival

12 - 14 September 2014