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Your Development

When it comes to people at Goodwood, our vision is simple. Our people are the key to our success...

First of all, we know there is a reason why great people join and stay at Goodwood – to further their careers and to play a part in growing a successful business. It makes sense for us to have a team of engaged, talented, high performing people. We do not believe that development is just about constantly moving up a level, it means being the best you can be.

The key is that you are responsible for your own development. We will aim to provide the tools and support you need to progress, and you will need to be self-motivated, willing to push yourself forward and continuously open to learning new things.

Here is a little more detail about our approach to developing people.


We appreciate starting a new job, at any level, can be daunting and your first few days set the tone for things to come. We therefore aim to ensure that new starters receive a warm welcome to their career at Goodwood. We make sure that new employees get a complete picture of how the business works, their role and how they contribute, and, most importantly, where to look for help. You will receive an induction from your manager and also be invited to join the Company induction.

Probation Review

Probation reviews provide a clear framework for assessing your capabilities, reliability and suitability for your new role. Everyone needs to know what is expected of them and how well they are doing, therefore every new employee should expect probation review meetings with their manager.

The Goodwood Framework

The Goodwood Framework provides a structure, clarity and guidance as to what is expected from our employees in order to make them successful. The Framework is also used in the following areas:

To recruitment the right people

Development and career planning 

Probation reviews

Performance reviews

Performance Reviews and Objective Setting

A performance review is essentially an opportunity for you and your manager to discuss your performance, any areas for development and support required from your manager. Our performance review process is conducted in November of each year and is linked to a performance bonus.


We provide a wide range of internally and externally delivered development programmes focused on employee development.