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Goodwood 19 Fabulous Days of Horseracing & Entertainment
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Sussex Bar
Sussex Terrace Bar
Sussex Suites
Richmond Pavilions
Charlton Boxes
Sussex Boxes
Sussex Bistro
Charlton Hunt Restaurant
The Double Trigger Restaurant
Annual Members' Bar
Umbrella Bar
Gordon Pavilion
Richmond Lawn Bar
Owners and Trainers Bar
The Trilogy Bar
Harroways Bar
East Entrance
Finishing Line
Gordon Enclosure
Horsewalk Bistro
Lennox Entrance
March Stand Paddock Facing
Number 2 & 3 Car Parks
Number 5  Car Park
Number 7 Coach Park
Number 9 Car Park
Number 8 Car Park
Number  8d (disabled) Car Park
Parade Ring
Pre-Parade Ring
Racing Colours Shop
Richmond Enclosure
West Entrance
Winners' Enclosure
1812 Bar
March Stand Annual Boxes
Annual ussex Boxes
March Stand Course Facing Box
Lennox Enclosure
Chilgrove Gin Bar

Places of Interest

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