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Q. What are the differences in each Enclosure?

A. At Goodwood we have three Enclosures to choose from - the Richmond Enclosure, the Gordon Enclosure and the Lennox Enclosure. Our premier enclosure, Richmond, is only available to Members and their guests during Glorious Goodwood. For details of what is available within each enclosure please view our Enclosure Information Page|.

Q. Which car parks are suitable for each enclosure?

A. Richmond Enclosure (west) racegoers should use No. 5 car park except during Glorious Goodwood when only Nos. 8 (charges apply) or 9 and 11 (complimentary) car parks are available. Numbers 8 and 9 car parks are best for the Gordon and Lennox Enclosures. During Glorious Goodwood, a courtesy mini-coach service operates to and from other car parks north of the course.

Q. What time do the gates open?

A. At the Festival Meeting, gates open at 11am. At evening meetings, gates open at 4.30pm. At all other meetings, gates open at 11.30am. The only exception to this is on Friday 22 August where gates open at 3pm.

Q. What should I wear?

A. Goodwood is famous for being a stylish, yet relaxed occasion and gentlemen are required to wear jackets and either ties, cravats or polo-necked sweaters in the Richmond Enclosure. Males traditionally wear linen suits and the archetypal ‘Goodwood’ Panama hats. Jeans and shorts are not permitted in the Richmond Enclosure.  Ladies are encouraged to wear hats in the Richmond Enclosure at Glorious Goodwood.  In other enclosures dress is informal.  Bare chests and fancy dress are not allowed in any enclosure. Stiletto heels are not recommended, due to the terrain and decked areas. Gentlemen are discouraged from wearing shorts and sleeveless tops in the Gordon Enclosure. See more about the Dress Code here|.

Q. What is there to do before racing?

A. You may like to picnic in the car parks, or in the Lennox Enclosure, or explore the country park adjacent to the racecourse. Many of the race days are themed and all the entertainment is free of charge and included in the ticket price unless otherwise stated.

Q. Are there restaurants available?

A. The Richmond Enclosure has the Charlton Hunt, Double Trigger (Members' only during Glorious Goodwood) and the Horsewalk Restaurants open during all meetings, whileThe Gordon Enclosure has the Sussex Bistro. Advance booking advisable - call 01243 755027.

Q. Where else can I eat?

A. There are public catering points in all enclosures.  See the race card and information areas for more details.

Q. Can I bring food or drink into the enclosures?

A. Food and soft drinks only may be brought into the Lennox Enclosure, but not the Richmond or Gordon Enclosures. Cans and plastic bottles are allowed but no glass is permitted. Alcohol is not allowed to be brought into any enclosure.

Q. Can we picnic in the car parks?

A. Yes, but only within the limits of your car parking space. There is a Three Furlong Picnic Car Park where you can reserve a berth on the rails at the three-furlong point; admission for four adults to the Lennox Enclosure is included in the price.  The picnic car park is closed when the Lennox Enclosure is closed. Please note parasols, sunshades and umbrellas are not permitted to hang over the running rails. For picnics the country park, close to the coach park, is ideal.

Q. Where should I wear my badge?

A. Please wear your badge prominently on your lapel and not on your belt or binoculars. Staff at the entrances are trying to help you, so please help them identify your badge easily.

Q. Do licensing hours operate?

A. Bar facilities close just after the last race at all meeting, except during Glorious Goodwood when they close at 7.30pm, and at Three Friday Nights, when they close at 11pm.

Q. Where can I bet?

A. There are three forms of betting available at the course.  provides kiosks and betting windows throughout the enclosures. Here you can have a pool bet. Tickets may be redeemed at any Totepool outlet on the course.  Bookmakers are located in front of the stands and during Glorious Goodwood around the paddock pavilions. The minimum bet is usually between £2 and £10. All enclosures have a Betfred betting shop.

Q. Where can I find out the state of the going?

A. The forecast is published in the national newspapers, on our website and on racecourse information boards.

Q. Can I transfer from one enclosure to another?

A. Yes, except at Glorious Goodwood when the Richmond Enclosure is only available to members and their guests. There are transfer points at the west end of the Lennox Enclosure and at the rear of the March Stand in the Gordon Enclosure. Transfers are made by paying the difference between the two enclosures’ daily admission prices. If the Gordon Enclosure sells out transfers may not be available.

Q. Where can I arrange to meet a friend?

A. The Old Tote Bar in the Lennox Enclosure; The Harroways Bar in the Gordon Enclosure; and the Richmond Lawn Bar close to the statue of the bronze horse in the Richmond Enclosure.  These bars are all under cover and not far from the entrances.

Q. Where can I get general information?

A. There is signage around the course and maps in the racecard.  All enclosures have information points and any staff member can give directions to the nearest point. At Glorious Goodwood the coach park has a further information kiosk, opposite the Lennox Enclosure.

Q. When are the racecourse offices open?

A. These are situated in the Sussex Stand. Reception is staffed from 8.30am – 5.30pm on non-race days. On race days, reception operates from 8am, until one hour after the last race.

Q. What facilities are there for the disabled?

A. There is a free reserved car parking area at the front of Number 8 car park opposite the East Entrance. Booking is recommended.  Number 5 car park also has reserved spaces, on a first come, first-served basis.  The Richmond and Lennox enclosures have wheelchair viewing stands on the rails. Other facilities include ramped access to the front of the Parade Ring; covered viewing on the balcony of the Sussex Stand; and in the Richmond Enclosure covered viewing from the March Grandstand’s Richmond Level.  The Lennox Enclosure also has natural high-level viewing and a wheelchair stand.  Lifts operate in the March and Sussex Grandstands and a ramp leads to the Charlton Stand first floor.  Toilet facilities for the disabled are available in all stands and access is by Radar Keys.  Two wheelchairs (non-electric) are available in the Sussex Stand offices – these can either be borrowed on the day or reserved in advance (Tel. 01243 755022). These are subject to availability and are used at the individual’s own risk.  

Q. Can I obtain cash?

A.There are four ATM machines located on the ground floor of the Sussex Stand, which can be used on all racedays. During Glorious Goodwood ATM machines are available in all enclosures, located on the ground floor of the Sussex and March Stands, as well as on the concourse in the Lennox Enclosure.

A cashback facility can be obtained from a number of Tote betting windows in the Richmond and Gordon enclosures on the ground floor of the March Stand (subject to a minimum spend).

To avoid queues it is advisable to bring cash with you on racedays.

Q. Can I bring my dog?

A. Dogs are not admitted. Guide dogs for the Blind and Assistance dogs for people with disabilities will be allowed, by advance request.

Q. Do I need a racecard?

A. A racecard is an essential investment. It includes all the runners, their form and vital information on how to bet, plus a daily competition.

Q. Where is lost property?

A. In the cloakrooms at either end of the March Grandstand and at the Manager’s office at the Lennox Enclosure’s main entrance. After racing, any lost property is taken to the main office in the Sussex Grandstand.

Q. Will there be a doctor?

A. Doctors are available in all enclosures. The first-aid points are well signposted and South East Coast Ambulance staff attend all meetings.

Q. Are there concessionary rates for students?

A. There is half-price admission to the Gordon and Lennox Enclosure on the day, or by calling the Ticket Office in advance, (except during Glorious Goodwood and Three Friday Nights). A valid NUS card must be produced to gain entrance. On the day tickets can be purchased from the East Entrance ticket office only.

Q. Is there a discount for over 65s?

A. Reduced admission is available on the day or by booking through the Ticket Office in advance at all meetings except Glorious Goodwood.  50% discount for Gordon and Lennox enclosures admission only.

Q. Can I bring my children?

A. Yes.  Accompanied youngsters under 18 years of age are admitted free to all enclosures, except for the following exceptions. There will be a nominal charge for juniors aged 13 - 17 years at Three Friday Night. Richmond Enclosure £18. Gordon Enclosure £12.

Telephone 01243 755022 for more information.

Q. What is the admissions policy for under 18’s to the ‘Three Friday Nights’?

A. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult, in order to gain entry to the event, and throughout the evening. A maximum of four under 18 year old's are permitted per one over 25 year old. Failure to prove you are with an accompanied adult will result in you being refused admittance to the racecourse, or, rejected at a later time in the evening.

Q. Is there a children’s playground?

A. Yes, we have a brand new play area for 2013, presented by Butlins, that is located at the east end of the Lennox Enclosure. Adults are not admitted. The playground is for four to 12-year-olds and is situated within the Lennox Enclosure. Ticket holders for all enclosures are able to use the playground. The playground is not supervised and should be treated as such, however, during Glorious Goodwood two professionally trained Nannies are based there to provide assistance and first aid if required.

Q. What happens if racing is abandoned?

A. Refunds of admission fees will only be made in the following circumstances:

Race meetings abandoned before completion of one race – 100% refund.

Abandoned before completion of three races – 50% refund.

Abandoned after three races – no refund.

Claims are made by submitting either badges from the Richmond Enclosure or admission receipts from the other two enclosures by post, up to 28 days after the meeting (excluding Hospitality packages). 

Q. What is your drinking policy?

A. Goodwood Racecourse is committed to safeguarding the well-being of all visitors and ensuring that the best possible day out is had by all. As part of this, we are committed to reducing any social harm caused by the excessive consumption of alcohol. Anyone deemed to be under the influence of drink or drugs may be refused admittance to Goodwood Racecourse. Anyone lucky enough to appear to be under the age of 25 may be asked for photo ID when purchasing alcohol. Anyone who appears to have consumed too much alcohol may be asked to leave Goodwood Racecourse, but will be cared for responsibly by the Goodwood Raceday Team. Anyone with concerns over the safety or well-being of themselves or anyone else at the Racecourse should voice their concerns to the Racecourse reception or find a member of the Raceday team. Drink responsibly and have a great day out.

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