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Vintage golf at Goodwood

Vintage golf at Goodwood

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Vintage golf at Goodwood

Enjoy a round of Vintage golf. Classic putts and drives, wide open spaces, walked by the greats and the celebrities of our time


  • Corporate Golf

    Corporate Golf

    It’s all about flexibility, style and experience at Goodwood.


  • Justin Rose at Goodwood

    Justin Rose at Goodwood

    Justin Rose discusses Junior Golf at Goodwood.


  • Dougie Lampkin vs the Golf Course

    Dougie Lampkin vs the Golf Course

    Watch Dougie take on the Goodwood golf course - Dougie now what is a serious drive! Want to see more than get your tickets to the Festival of Speed.


  • Celebrity Golf

    Celebrity Golf

    Everyone loves Goodwood golf and so do the celebrities of our time. They visit Goodwood each year for our charity event that takes golfing back to days gone by. Fancy a round or two then go straight to our golf section and book a round.